Serena Williams Instagram Goes Crazy after Photo



The amazing Serena Williams has been slaying in sports and beauty this year, and I’m glad she’s getting the recognition she deserves.


gathered from Serena Williams Instagram

Her physique has always been on point and is truly body goals!  Just recently she posted a photo on her Instagram showing how to slay without even trying. Yas Ms Willams yasss!!

What do you think about the photo?

Let me know in the comments!

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When an 86 Year Old Goddess Slays More Than You Ever Could!

Scrolling through my Facebook feed I see this stunning bride in a gorgeous lavender gown holding a bouquet of flowers. The dress is stunning, the flowers match perfectly, and to learn that she’s 86!! whoa! I can only hope that the god’s of beauty touch me with this #BlackGirlMagic

According to the poster of the picture, the bride’s name is Millie and she made this fabulous gown by herself for her wedding (to her groom that’s also 86)!


Via Facebook

What do you all think of her dress and her flawless beauty? I’m still stunned and amazed at her beauty ❤



Top 5 Reasons Why Jumpsuits and Rompers are Winning

Here are the top 5 reasons why Jumpsuits and Rompers are a fashionistas best friend!

1. Super Comfy


Stretchy fabrics with room to spare? yes please!

2. Compliments Curvy Figures


Most Jumpsuits and Rompers feature a cinched wait to compliment curvy figures. Win Win!

3. Less Time To Get Ready


Simply put on and accessories! No need to match a top with a bottom. 😉

4. Easy to Style


Find your favorite shoes + accessories, style up you hair and your done!

5. Dress Up or Down

Romper and Jumpsuits can be taken from Party Chic to Class and Professional. So many options to choose from!

What are the reasons you like to wear rompers and jumpers? Let us know in the comments!

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rompers and jumpsuits



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Fall in Love with Rihanna’s New Fashion Line!

Just recently, it has been noted that Rihanna is coming out with some new fashion wear in 2016. Today, images were released of her new sock collection.

Below we have listed some pics and a video clip of her fabulous photo shoot displaying the socks!! ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out the video introducing the photo shoot!

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Which pair is your favorite!! Let me know in the comments below 😉 ❤

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Try These Fun Prints for the Summer <3

Upgrade your fashion for the summer with these cute new items with fun prints! Perfect for Coachella, Afro Punk, or any other festivals you’re going to attend this year.

  1. Royal Blue Queen Dress IMG_4609

    This dashiki color-block maxi dress is perfect for the fashionista that loves comfortable fitting clothes, but also likes to accentuate a unique style. Size onesize (M-1X) price $45 can be found here.

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2. Woven Clutch Bag IMG_4652

Keep it simple and classy with a clutch bag! Big enough to hold your phone, some lipstick, a few dollar bills, and your keys. A great accessory to compliment many styles and patterns. Price $12, size (onesize), can be found on Poshmark here.

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3. Dashiki Print Jumper IMG_4601

The cool thing about this jumper, is that it can be worn as either a jumper or a pair of baggy harem pants. The unique dashiki print merged with the jumper design, give this traditional print an edgy coolness. Paired with a great pair of sandals, and your all set! Price $45, size onesize (M-1X), 100% cotton. Item can be found here.

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! ❤

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90s Trends We All Love!

I was born in ’95, so I was always surrounded by adults and teenagers who would rock the latest in 90’s fashion. The music, bright colors, and culture of the fashion in the 90’s  was unique and still seen as iconic today! Luckily the fashion world will get to experience the wonderfully bright colors and patterns that laced the outfits of fashion as some 90’s trends are returning!

Take a trip down memory lane and check out my favorites of the returing 90s trends! ❤

*All pictures were gathered from*

Chocolate Brown Lipstick



Yes please! This trend merged vampy glam with soft brown tones to give the ladies an edgy glam look. Im super excited to rock my chocolate brown lipstick for the spring.

Plaid Flannel


The Baby Sitter’s Club movie was one of my favorites! Although the picture/screenshot is not that great, the beauty of the plaid flannels still shines through!




I remember buying the “lace chokers” from the 25 cent bubble gum machine!

Denim Jackets


Britney Spears was always wearing denim from what I could remember. But who didn’t have multiple jean jackets in their closet?

Biker Chic Jackets

D.A.R.E. Benefit Featuring Richard Tyler / Vogue Johnny Depp Short Film

Leather Bomber jackets made everything look so laid back yet fierce and edgy!

Crop Tops

From fun to sophisticated, crop tops were a popular staple in the closets of our lovely 90s fashion icons

Carefree and Polished Braids

PaleyFest 2012 Presents "Once Upon A Time" - Arrivals


From box braids worn by iconic Janet Jackson, to simple french braids like that worn by Gwen Stefani, adding braids was a fun way to spice up your hairstyle looks!

Big hair, Don’t Care!



Curly tapered cuts and big curly hair has been in style for many years now, the tapered from worn by Tempest Bledsoe (Cosby Show) is one of my favorites!

Floral Dresses


Alicia Silverstone (Clueless Movie) rocking the floral dress. Who didn’t have one of these in there closets? Even as a little girl, floral dresses were so in, especially with the matching frilly socks. Oh, the memories.

Circle Sunglasses 


Featured in this picture is Drew Barrymore rocking her circle framed sunglasses. I love these type of shades so much! I have a black pair and am thinking of getting other colors. You can find shades like these on Jasai Boutique’s website.

What are your favorite 90s Trends that you see popping up?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Super Cute Fall Fashion Obsessions!

fall fashion obsessions banner

Fall is finally here, its time to fill our closets with warm comfy colors like beige and burgundy. But also, its the time of the year to experiment with rich colored patterns and unique designs to make us stand out in the crowd.

Fashion Obsession #1 Bohemian Goddess Headbands

The added touch of deep fall colors with a sprinkle of silver or gold accentuate the warm tones of the season. Can be worn like a crown or pushed up closer to your hairline for a unique look. Can be found here


Fashion Obsession #2 Fun Bangle Bracelets

Glamorous arm candy is in for the fall season! Mix unique prints mixed with urban designs for an enchanted fall look. Find the Gladiator Cuff Bracelets here and the Royal Festival Bracelets here.




Fashion Obsession #3 Multicolored Knitted Cardigan

Add a pop of color to your fall basics. This comfy cardigan pairs nicely with a white basic tee and a chic pair of jeggings. You can find this fall cardigan here!

IMG_2384IMG_2385outfit 2 pic for ig 2

What are your favorite fashion obsessions this Fall? let us know in the comment section below. Also don’t forget to share with your friends!

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3 Comfy Cardigan Outfits for the Fall

3 cardigans blog picture

Three Back To School Outfits For The Fall brought to you by Urban Prestige

The fall season is the perfect season to get stocked up on cardigans, especially when you have school. Cardigans are the perfect outfit compliment to a simple outfit. They can take your outfit from basic, to extravagant! In this post you will find 3 outfits featuring cardigans and accessories from Urban Prestige and consignment shops.

Outfit #1–Festival Love

This outfit features the Festival Love Printed Kimono from Urban Prestige. Complete with faux leather leggings, a white tank top, and teal fringe booties, this outfit is super fun and vibrant with rich colors.To add to the “festival” themed look, a gold goddess headband was on the crown, and a pearl gemstone watch and festival bracelet was worn.

outfit 1 pic 2 for ig

jewelry pic 1 for ig

Outfit #2 — Fall Sunset

Capturing the beautiful colors from a cool fall sunset, this cardigan paired nicely with this peach dress found at a consignment shop. The Fall Sunset Cardigan from Urban Prestige is knitted, so even when wearing a dress, it will still keep you warm. This outfit was very cute and playful so we had fun with the jewelry and shoes! Neutral oxfords from a consignment shop were worn, they are comfy especially for walking around school! The necklace from the Crystal Lace jewelry set was worn with the Triangle Bow Earrings, the Gold Shimmer watch and festival bracelet was also worn.

outfit 2 pic 1 for ig

jewelry pic for ig 3

Outfit #3–Ruby Red Luxe

So rich and vibrant, this Ruby Red Luxe cardigan from Urban Prestige added a luxurious feeling to this basic graphic tee and dark wash jeggings. It wasn’t hard to find jewelry to compliment the rich red color, both silver and gold worked well, however we settled with gold accents. So the Royal Beaded Necklace was worn with the Gold Triangle Bow earrings. The sunflower accented bohemian headband was worn around the ponytail and the Gold Shimmer Cuff watch with festival bracelet was also used.

outfit 3 pic for ig 1

jewelry pic for ig 2

Which outfit was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below! ❤ . Watch the official video to see the outfits in full action!


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Dresses for Summer Date Night

Summer is the time for flirty fun, so why not express yourself with sheer fabrics and sexy lace?? In this post we give you 2 staple dress options for that romantic night out!

(No bae? Why not pull these dresses out for a night with your girls!)

All items mentioned can be found at

1. Hi – Low Diva dress


Paired with a pair of nude sandals or pumps and a nice jewelry set ( luxury collection) and your ready to go!

2. Dont stop the party lace dress dress


Elegantly sexy this dress will have you feeling like a majestic luxury princess. To add a pop of color try wearing plum heels.

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Cute Clothes Under $20

One of the things that keeps people from rebuilding their wardrobe is crazy over priced clothing. Even racking up on the basics (camis, tank tops, leggings) could cause your wallet to go into cardiac arrest!

Our biggest goal at Urban Prestige is to make sure our customers stay fashionable, without having to sacrifice their bank account.

For the Summer of 2015 we are having a major sale shop here to find clothing and accessories starting at $1.

Below you will find some fashion inspiration using signiture pieces from our collection. All clothing items are under $20.

1. Blue floral mini skirt $5


2. Taupe lace bodice top $5


3. Burgundy pleated crop top $3 ,


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