12 Month Protective Style Challenge for 2018!!

Sorry for being MIA! School has been crazy, graduation is coming up (Spring 2018), and trying to find a job/internship in Marketing has been tough. But I’m back! I want to make 2018 my year for growth both for my hair and my body 🙂

I recently also got braces and will be sharing my journey with my teeth looking bomb af!

But let’s get on to this hair growth challenge! I have been watching hundreds of videos (literally lol) on long term protective styling to get waist length hair. Often I mostly found videos on micro braids, mini twists, or weave. I’m not down with weave tbh, and after putting in some braids (Box Braids on My Natural Hair Only)  I’m  not a fan of those either.

So I thought about mini twists since I’ve been falling in love with micro locs and mini twists give that vibe. So on Dec 27 2017, I installed these beauties:

plan to maintain these for 3 months at a time. Washing bi-weekly by putting these in braids and shampooing the scalp, then the twists with conditioner.

Depending on how I feel, I might even keep these installed but wear wigs or crochet braids just to spice it up. My biggest fear is these mini twists turning into locs because I don’t think I can commit to that. So I’ll also be sharing how I prevent that from happening.


Ok so here are the guidelines that I’ll be following. Comment if you also want to join!

  • long term protective style for 1-3 months at a time
  • Massage scalp once a week (Friday)
  • Wash + Condition scalp and hair bi-weekly
  • Oil and check ends every three days to prevent breakage/matting/locing
  • Finger detangle only
  • Maintain the parts so there’s minimal combing

I hope I can keep this up!! I’ll be checking in biweekly with updates. My goal is 6 inches of growth maintenance. I’m currently at around 11-13 inches of hair length, so 15-19 inches will make me be at waist length.

Do you have any hair length goals? let me know in the comments!


Chunky Twists on your Natural Hair Only – My Review

Twists are one my favorite protective styles for natural hair. Twisting natural hair can help stretch the hair to avoid tangles. But it also provides a great style option that is versatile. They can be pinned up in a bun or updo, or worn down to show that length! Of course, my favorite thing about them is that I can still have neat hair while I’m going to the gym or working out 5x a week.

(Twists done on blown dry hair)


As I am experimenting with long term protective styling, I fell in love again with twists, but specifically Chunky Twists on my natural hair. Instead of the usual tight mini twists that I’m used to, I decided to switch it up. I like the look of using additional hair like marley hair for twists, but I hate how heavy and thick they are. So I stretch my hair using my tension method blow drying technique, or a braid out using about 4-6 braids in my hair, and loosely twist my hair.

Chunky Twists done on air dried braid out natural hair ThatClassyAfroChic

(Twists done on hair that was air dried, using braid out method)

I use a light gel and leave in to keep my hair bouncy but moisturized. They are just like regular twists, except you don’t twists tightly, and you move quickly down the section. I’ve done them both with blown out hair, and hair that has been stretched with braids. In my opinion, the blown out hair is more fluffy, while the air dried natural hair still twisted kinda tightly.

So far these are my favorite compared to the box braids done on my natural hair Let me know if you try them out 😉


What’s your favorite protective style? Let me know in the comments!


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Do I regret Dyeing My Natural Hair?

I get asked this questions sometimes, especially when I talk about how my hair has changed, or the different methods I have to take to style my hair.

However, my answer is no, I don’t regret dyeing my natural hair!

If you can’t tell by my Instagram or blog 🙂 I enjoy the different vibrant hues that hair can hold. It’s beautiful to me and I enjoy being able to maintain my hair long, while still having color.

One thing that has helped in easing my nerves is being prepared and knowing what my hair could handle, and what I need to stop doing after dyeing my hair.

In 2014, I did experience some color damage because I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. I had no knowledge of color safety procedures, color-treated hair care routines, or products that would benefit my hair.

After that horrible experience, I had to slowly trim off my hair (my version of a big chop haha) and nurture my hair back to health.

In the meantime I gained knowledge on the proper methods of achieving color and how to maintain natural hair when it’s color treated. Just Recently I’ve been on a protective style challenge trying to ensure my hair stays long by minimizing my breakage. You can see some tidbits on my journey in my recent blog post “What Wearing Protective Styles Did to My Natural Hair

Natural Hair Growth April - June 2017 That Classy Afro Chic (1)

I think more than ever, I’m glad to have (long) color treated natural hair and I have goals to grow it to great lengths! I do have plans to dye my hair again, this time without bleaching, so stay tuned for that!

Have any questions about my natural hair? Let me know in the comments!



Box Braid on Natural Hair Only – My Review

Box Braids only on red type 4 natural hair ThatClassyAfroChic

During my protective style journey slash challenge, I experimented with twists using my natural hair see my explanation in my recent blog post “What Wearing Protective Styles for 3 months did to my Natural Hair” However, I also experimented with using box braids on my natural hair without adding any hair to it.

Is it cute or nah?

This is not my favorite style to be honest. Without added hair the braids look thin and I felt sent back to elementary school age when my mom used to braid my hair so I would stop playing with it. Or at least I looked very snoop dog-ish lol.

How did I style them?

Although they do look a bit childish, they were awesome under my hair wraps! I was able to put the braids in a bun using only a ponytail holder (hair tie, headband, whatever people call them lol) and just wrap my fabric around.

Would I rock them in the future?

Box Braids on Natural Hair Only ThatClassyAfroChic Red Hair
I appreciated how neat my head wraps were while having the braids, my hair is usually bulky when I wrap my hair after putting in a bun so this was a pro for me. As a style by itself I feel like these box braids using only my natural hair are a big NO. However when considering other styles like wearing the box braids under a hat, using the braids for a headwrap, or using the box braids for a neater wig lay I’m down!

I’m actually considering reinstalling these braids when I start rocking some DIY crochet braid wigs.

Have you tried wearing box braids using your natural hair only? Let me know in the comments!

What Wearing Protective Styles for 3 months did to my Natural Hair

Earlier this year I decided to do something different and dyed my natural hair a gorgeous copper red color. You can check out my process of dyeing my natural hair in my blog post “Coloring my Natural Hair: Copper Brown and Raspberry Twist by Adore.”


It was super pretty and I enjoyed the fullness that my hair had. My braid outs and twist outs looked extra gorgeous being accented with the red and I didn’t see any damage to my hair after processing with the bleach. I was so happy and really enjoyed taking pictures, I even rented a camera and had a mini photoshoot (don’t judge me lol)

However as the months went on, I noticed how my hair started to feel a little rough (dry), and saw some breakage around the middle of my hair.

Instagram pic 1 Red Natural Hair Afro ThatClassyAfroChic

Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMjSxIkjkcu/?taken-by=thatclassyafrochic

I totally forgot that dyed natural has to be treated with 10x as much care as before. Instead I was constantly touching my hair, putting it in puffs, brushing it to be detangled for a braid out, or even constantly retwisting my hair to have a cute twistout. Doing that, my hair paid for it, and I noticed a lot of breakage.

I’m not one to quickly reach for scissors to cut my hair in hopes that it would make it “healthier”. I realize that it was my routine and if I wanted to see my hair thrive I needed to change my routine!   So for the past 3 months, starting in April, I decided to do a lot of long term protective styling. So I would avoid using combs and dentagnling brushes, and only finger detangle, then put my hair in twists. I would alternate between fluffy loose twists done on dry hair, and tight mini twists done on wet hair.

Instagram pic 2 Red Natural Hair Afro ThatClassyAfroChic

Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTpdlfqFjpX/?taken-by=thatclassyafrochic

I would wash my hair every 2 weeks in the twists, let them air dry, and then recycle the parts by undoing the twists one by one, finger detangling, adding my leave in and oils, and then retwisting. I did the same thing adding extensions for marley twists.

Instagram pic 3 Red Natural Hair Afro ThatClassyAfroChic

Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BU7hx0UFUm7/?taken-by=thatclassyafrochic

I also experimented with braids using the same sections, and using headwraps so I had more style options. I also trimmed my hair once to get rid of some damaged ends as I noticed a lot of single strand knots.   At the end of May, I got tired of this and did rock my signature puff for a while, and a few buns just to switch it up.

Natural Hair Growth April - June 2017 That Classy Afro Chic (1)

Recently, I blew out my hair using warm heat just to see where my hair is at and I’m in love!! It looks a lot fuller especially at my roots, and I noticed some growth. My hair grew about an inch and half so I’m excited to see what my hair length will be at the end of this year.


Do you do any long term protective styling? Let me know in the comments!

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Two 3-Minute Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Hi Natural hair Beauties!

I was sent this gorgeous headband from Accented Glory to style and give a review. Tonya, the designer, was very sweet when sending me this item and she chose the perfect headband for my hair’s thickness!

**All feelings are my personal opinion**


I was able to use this headband for two of my signature lazy girl hair styles: High puff, and low pony.

However, I wanted to try something new and did a “double low-pony” style that came out cuter than I expected lol.



To see how I styled my hair, you can watch this video here:

My Review of the headband:

I absolutely LOVE this headband! I’ve always had issues with headbands not being able to stretch over all of my hair, so they end up breaking. With the adjustable feature of this headband I did not experience that at all.

The adjustable feature is my favorite (if you can’t tell lol) and I enjoyed not having to use any gels or pomades to get my edges to lay.

The colors of the headband are very vibrant and will most likely be a staple piece for me in the summer time.

How Can I Get a Headband?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Accented Glory’s  headband selection, make sure to check out their Website and Facebook Page:

Website: http://accentedglory.weebly.com/

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/AccentedGlory

Make sure to let Tonya know I sent you 😉

If Your Edges are Disappearing, It Ain’t a Protective Style!


I’m always on my Facebook or Instagram scrolling through natural hair pics  to look for protective style inspiration.

However, I always see these images and snapchat videos of people proud of their “protective style” that is pulling their hair so tight, you could see their brain.

And I’m always like why??

Just because it’s braids, twists, or cornrows that does not make the style protective!

So then, what is a protective hair style?

A protective style is one where your hair is styled in a manner that protects your strands, ends, and scalp/edges. These are often called low-manipulation styles that don’t involve heavy brushing or combing, tight pulling, and edge snatching qualities.

How to know if your style is protective:

Before getting a “protective style” you should ask your self these questions:

Will my hair be snatched to high heaven?

Do my edges need to be sacrificed to enjoy this style?

Will I probably grab pain medicine after the style is complete?

Will I have a hard time sleeping on the style due to pain?

Will the heat of hades and satan’s palace need to be used to set my style?

Will I have to pray to the Natural Hair angels after taking the style down, in hopes my hair is ok???

If you answered yes, to any of these questions. It’s best to stay away from the style (or person doing the style)…

Am I saying that box braids, marley twists, crochet braids, weaves, cornrows, french braids, etc. are bad? Nah.

But if you’re edges are screaming, and your scalp is itching because your hair is being pulled too tight at the scalp, you may want to consider a different style. Or at least loosen up the grip at the roots when styling.

Am I wrong or am I right? Let me know in the comments!



Fun Hair Colors To Try on Natural Hair with NO BLEACH


I always get questions about my hair color by ladies (and gents) who wish to explore the magical world of dyed natural hair, but are afraid of bleach.

Personally, I think that if you wan’t vibrant hair that lasts a while, you will have to pre-lighten it.

However there are some bomb hair color options you can try that don’t involve bleach. Like at all!

Here are three ways to sprinkle color into your life (or hair lol) without ever needing to hear of bleach (you can thank me later 😉 )

Vibrant Eye Shadows

This one is super fun, simple, and easy to wash out. Use your favorite rich eyeshadow pigments to add streaks of color, or all-over high/low-lights. This can be achieved by rubbing eyeshadows on hair that has a little product in it, so the shadow sticks. This is super easy to remove (i.e. can rub off on EVERYTHING) but the results are beautiful. Here is one of my favorite tutorials on this method:


Liquid Hair Chalks

There are a few brands of liquid chalks out there, but I personally used the Garnier Color Styler in the shade Purple Mania and fell in love with the results! The color lasts longer than the eyeshadow method, and even stayed on a little after washing. One con to these products is that they can make your hair feel hard at first (they use waxes + clays) but the color payoff is amazing. It almost looked like I dyed my hair this purple color!



Hair Spray Paint

Like the liquid hair chalks, there are numerous “spray colors” around. The most popular is Jerome Russel BWild hair colors. I of course could not find it at my beauty barber supply store, instead they had the Jerome Russel Temp’ry hair color sprays which still did the trick. The only thing about these is that they really mimic spray paint, so you have to have a method when spraying it on. Not to close to your hair, and in downward motions to get it as even as possible. I tried pink, but I was inspired by the purple shade in MyRayeRaye’s hair dying video:


Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Ok, so I added this as a bonus because, generally speaking, you do have to lighten your hair to a certain degree to display a semi permanent hair color. However, there are many people who enjoy the low-lights that can be seen in the hair while using semi permanent hair dyes on their natural hair. Some of my favorite brands are Manic Panic, Adore, and Sparkles. **Note that richer colors (Red, Blue, Purple) will likely show up more. Any type of neon or pastels won’t work, without your hair being pre-lightned.

I actually did this years ago before using bleach on my hair and got some great results, but her are some awesome results from using semi perm. colors on unbleached natural hair:

This is me YEARS ago lol I’m embarassed and proud, it’s my most watched vid!


Have you tried any of these methods before? Was it a fail or success? Let me know in the comments!

The REAL Truth about Dyed Natural Hair


I have been coloring my hair for a couple of years, and while I love it, there are some cons that I found while being color treated

Super Dry Hair

Especially after bleaching my hair, I noticed that my (already dry) hair got even drier. I would deep condition, use a leave in conditioner, and the next day my hair still felt thirsty.


Along with having dry hair, this leads to breakage. When my hair was not dyed, I found that I could manipulate my hair more (braids, twists, french braids, buns, etc.). But after coloring, my hair became a little fragile and I would increase my breakage by styling + pulling too much. Instead I stick to braid outs + twist outs, and a *loose* puff.

Split Ends

This is another factor of the hair being dryer. I have found that I’m getting more split ends lately. To *try* to prevent this, I do seal my ends with a leave in + shea butter every 2-3 days. This helped me minimize the dryness as well.

Frequent Trims

I used to trim my hair maybe 2 times a year when I had “virgin” hair. With the color in my hair, I find myself dusting my ends every 3-4 months. Sometimes my ends get brittle and I notice more split ends, so I snip them off.

Constant Coloring

I love my color, but it can be annoying having to freshen up my red (it fades quickly). Wash day already takes a long time, then I have to factor in coloring it *eye roll*

Changing Hair Products

My “virgin” hair loves products that my color treated hair laughs at. And my color treated hair adores some products that my virgin hair used to hate. For example, products with silicones used to make my hair feel weighed down and flat, but my color treated hair is bouncy and vibrant  when I use them.

Would I give up coloring my hair?

No! I absolutely love coloring my hair. I’m thinking of a nice rich denim/royal blue next. But it can be annoying sometimes lol. So I do wait a long time before coloring or bleaching again.

What bother’s you about hair color? Do you plan on coloring your hair in the future? Let me know in the comments!

Maintaining my Straightened Natural Hair


This past Tuesday I tried something new and straightened my hair. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve applied heat to my hair so I was scared and excited!

Heat Damage in the Past

My last flat iron experience left my hair damaged, brittle, and dry. So I made sure to only use heat twice: once for blow drying, and another for the flat iron. I used to apply as much heat as possible to get my hair straight, but not this time! Heat damage is the devil lol so Im trying to avoid that at all costs!


Protecting Hair at Night

At night I sleep with my hair in two braids, on on each side. If I want a curly look, I’ll put four bantu knots in my hair. Two in the front, and two in the back. Doing this helps me avoid using extra heat to curl my hair!

I use my satin bonnet or sleep on my satin pillow case to avoid frizzy hair caused by static electricity (hair rubbing on cotton).

I so love my results! My hair feels healthier and is so bouncy and soft.

Do you use heat in your hair? 

Let me know in the comments! 

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