Box Braid on Natural Hair Only – My Review

Box Braids only on red type 4 natural hair ThatClassyAfroChic

During my protective style journey slash challenge, I experimented with twists using my natural hair see my explanation in my recent blog post “What Wearing Protective Styles for 3 months did to my Natural Hair” However, I also experimented with using box braids on my natural hair without adding any hair to it.

Is it cute or nah?

This is not my favorite style to be honest. Without added hair the braids look thin and I felt sent back to elementary school age when my mom used to braid my hair so I would stop playing with it. Or at least I looked very snoop dog-ish lol.

How did I style them?

Although they do look a bit childish, they were awesome under my hair wraps! I was able to put the braids in a bun using only a ponytail holder (hair tie, headband, whatever people call them lol) and just wrap my fabric around.

Would I rock them in the future?

Box Braids on Natural Hair Only ThatClassyAfroChic Red Hair
I appreciated how neat my head wraps were while having the braids, my hair is usually bulky when I wrap my hair after putting in a bun so this was a pro for me. As a style by itself I feel like these box braids using only my natural hair are a big NO. However when considering other styles like wearing the box braids under a hat, using the braids for a headwrap, or using the box braids for a neater wig lay I’m down!

I’m actually considering reinstalling these braids when I start rocking some DIY crochet braid wigs.

Have you tried wearing box braids using your natural hair only? Let me know in the comments!


My Weight Loss Journey for 2017! From a size 16 to a size 8.

College Made Me Fat!

College has been a great experience for me so far. However with the increased stress,  poor sleeping habits, poor eating choices, and lack of time for exercise, it has also been detrimental to my health.

I started of in school at a nice US 8-10 size, I was a bit healthy and active with minimal stress. Fast forward, 4 years later and I was at my heaviest being a US 14-16!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do know that as we get older, hormone changes  can result in weight gain. But I also know that my poor habits as a result of stressing myself to do well caused me to be extremely tired. Having lack of sleep made me not want to visit the gym or eat better.

I Made a Change for The Better 🙂 



This previous semester (Fall 2016) I decided to make a change. I was take 5 3-credit courses and was super stressed, however, I no longer wanted stress  my excuse for not making better choices! I started working out 2-3 times a week at the gym provided at my University. Starting with 45-50 minutes of low to medium intensity cardio. Then I increased the value of my workouts by going 4-5 times a week with medium to high intensity workouts for 30 minutes! I also added strength training

I started meal prepping so I wouldn’t make poor food choices. And I started taking my water bottle with me everywhere! Having snacks like sliced apples, roasted almonds, or sliced cucumbers in my book bags helped keep my cravings down while I was in class.

Now currently, I am a size 12, and I’m proud of myself! My clothes are fitting loosely (time to go shopping! 😉 ) and I’ve seen improvements in my sleeping patterns and ability to handle stress.

Things I Could Have Done Better

Now that my body is used to working out and handling cardio, I know that my diet needs to be improved. As finals week approached, I lost interest in meal prepping since I had no time. Instead I would grab whatever was in my reach (chips, cookies, candy, etc.) at my schools store, and would eat those instead. So for 2017 I plan on meal prepping even more, and trying easy recipes to reduce time.

My Goals for 2017!

For this upcoming year I hope to continue my weight loss journey and accomplish these goals:

  • make it to a US women’s size 8
  • be able to run 5 miles without stopping
  • start lifting 50-70 pounds when doing strength training
  • Improve flexibility ( I want to do the splits! lol)
  • maintain my curvy shape (squats here we go!)

How will I achieve these goals:

I will continue some of the routines that I have followed during the Fall, while also including a few things:

  • drinking more water
  • intermittent fasting
  • do more yoga +stretching after workouts
  • meal prepping and sticking to the meals this time!
  • decrease sweet consumption to about 2 items per week
  • decrease snack consumption to about 2 items per week
  • get at least 8 hours of rest per day
  • have fun with my workouts!

Will You Join Me?

Follow my blog and let’s continue to support each other! I will be posting weekly (on Saturday’s) How my week went, any new workouts I’ve tried, and some fun meal prep videos!

That way you’ll be able to see my progress as the weeks/months go along.

I’ll also be collaborating with a few fitness and health brands so stay tuned for some giveaways! 😉



Dashiki Lookbook | How to Style and Where to Buy Dashiki’s

Aviary Photo_131126292544275777.png

History of the Dashiki:


The Dashiki is a long, colorful tunic featuring reach designs and fun patterns. It originates from West Africa, most often worn by men, as it was worn to cover the entire chest offer protection for the sun and heat, very important with the West African climate!

It was then used in the 1960’s to represent black beauty and a tie to African heritage. Now the Dashiki’s have been returning in all of their glory to the wardrobes of many people of color to represent their love for African culture.

How to Style a Dashiki:

Dashiki’s can be worn a few ways, with it being a long tunic-like shirt, a dashiki can be worn as a dress (with shorts underneath), or a regular shirt. I like to pair mine with either leggings, or skinny jeans. But wearing them with shorts or capris are also another option.


Where to Buy a Dashiki:

You can find a range of colors and patterns at my online boutique Urban Prestige ranging from $25-35 and multiple colors!

Have you worn a Dashiki before? Would you wear one? Let me know in the comments!

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Avanti Silicon Bambu Conditioner + Refreshing My Color


I wanted to try some new things for the last couple of weeks in 2016! I went to my local black owned beauty supply store and grabbed some new products.

I wanted to straighten my hair to add some flexi rod curls, but  I ended up doing bantu knots (see photo above.) They had the Avanti Silicon Mix Bambu deep conditioner and I remember seeing this on YouTube years ago and thought I’d give it a try.

The product boasts that it will make hair soft and stronger in just 3 minutes. My hair has been feeling dry lately, and this looked like something I needed.

I also picked up the ORS Monoi Leave in Conditioner, so this will be a duo review 😉

How I Prepped My hair:

Before washing, I always detangle my hair with a conditioner. My favorite right now is Tresseme Naturals Anti Breakage, it smells good and has great slippage! I left this on over night because I was tired lol.

Shampooing my Hair:


I like to use my new favorite shampoo by OKAY Pure Naturals (product review coming soon). My hair is put into four sections, two in the front and back, and I wash each section twice. Then I twist my hair back up to avoid more tangles. I wash my hair in the sink so twisting my hair helps my hair from getting in the way.

Applying Deep Conditioner + Color:

IMG_5210I used the same colors in my “Coloring My Natural Hair” post to mix  with the Silicon Bambu deep conditioner. I used about half the container of conditioner and mixed in a good portion of the color using a ratio of 1:1.

The mixture was applied to my ends first, and then I moved up towards my scalp. I did not apply any of the mixture to my scalp! I didn’t want a stained scalp and I also read about some people having a negative reaction to the Silcon Bambu conditioner, so I made sure to avoid that at all cost!

Processing the Color + Conditioner:

I left the mixture in for 30 minutes using a grocery store bag (I couldn’t find a shower cap lol). I blasted a blow dryer on high heat for 10 minutes while the bag was on my hair. For the remaining 20 minutes I wrapped my hair with a scarf and let the mixture sit.

After 30 minutes, I rinsed with cold water.

Blow Dry + Flat Iron:

My hair was blown dry on high heat using a denman brush. I then flat ironed my hair on medium heat. My wet and dry Conair flat iron uses a number system for heat settings, 3 is in the middle so I used that.

I applied the ORS Monoi leave in before blowing my hair dry to act as a heat protectant. I was able to glide through my hair well and it made my hair smooth. However it is really waxy and my hair felt sticky. But I should have know that as it is a leave in not a heat protectant lol.

My Results:

Even though my hair was still textured, it was really soft and bouncy! I was also able to seen great shine after one pass of the flat iron, even on medium heat. This is the first time I’ve used heat in about 3 years, and I’m impressed. I do remember the results not being this great the first time, so I would use more heat (resulting in damage)

Product Reviews:

This post is longer than I though! So I created a review for each product, click the links below to find them:

  • ORS Monoi Oil Leave In Review
  • Avanti Silicon Mix Bambu Conditioner Review

What do you all think about the results?

Let me know in the comments!

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How To Grow Long Color Treated Natural Hair


Greetings all! Thank you for checking out my blog, here are some tips that I’ve used to retain length while being colored treated. Dying your hair while “natural” can be done if you take the proper measures to protect your hair


Natural hair can be fun! All it takes is something bold + TLC

Some tips for keeping dyed natural hair healthy:

1. Dont over process:

I purposefully left some of my roots so my hair can grow out without looking crazy. This reduces the need to use bleach often. Bleaching hair a lot can increase breakage which = shorter hair.

2. Up the protein:

After bleaching, hair will need to rebuild strength. (comment if you want a diy protein treatment). I tend to do protein treatments every other week, and follow with deep conditioner. This is so my hair won’t get too hard and brittle with too much protein.

3. Use semi-permanent dyes:

Semi permanent dyes don’t require extra chemicals to activate and transfer color. Plus you can layer them to make new/different shades! They are less harmful to your hair, especially after bleaching, some even add moisturizers/conditioners like Manic Panic.

4. No heat

I mostly air-dry my hair in braids or twists, so may hair has the chance to stretch while avoiding heat. Blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc. can cause more damage to fragile hair (hair is usually weaker after dyeing it) so it’s best to avoid them. And if this isn’t an option for you, try to at least limit the amount of heat used.

5. True Protective Styling

Twists , braids, buns, ponytails, or any other style that won’t put major tension on hair is key to success! I try not to use a lot of extensions or braiding hair, as this can tug on the hair and cause more breakage. Styles that cause you to heavily detangle and pull on hair are not protective, especially with dyed natural hair. Let me know if you want to see some protective styles!

What are some tips you learned for taking care of color treated hair? Let me know in the comments!

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When an 86 Year Old Goddess Slays More Than You Ever Could!

Scrolling through my Facebook feed I see this stunning bride in a gorgeous lavender gown holding a bouquet of flowers. The dress is stunning, the flowers match perfectly, and to learn that she’s 86!! whoa! I can only hope that the god’s of beauty touch me with this #BlackGirlMagic

According to the poster of the picture, the bride’s name is Millie and she made this fabulous gown by herself for her wedding (to her groom that’s also 86)!


Via Facebook

What do you all think of her dress and her flawless beauty? I’m still stunned and amazed at her beauty ❤



Bantu Knots Style on Natural Hair Lookbook


I recently dyed my hair red (check out Blog Post Here) and got the courage to be more creative with my styling. I’ve always seen the bantu knot style  on natural hair being done on Instagram and Facebook so I thought I would give it a shot!


I posted my after shot on my instagram page (@thatclassyafrochic make sure to follow 🙂 ) and received a ton of likes, so I thought I would share some more of the photos and my method of installing bantu knots!

Here are some of the photos I took after completing the style:


(Pearl Earrings: Find them Here)

I did bantu knots with rubberbands to achieve a tighter look at the roots. This also helped when trying to shape the knots as they weren’t too loose. My hair was twisted and I used hair pins to secure the bantu knots. I was aiming for a bantu knot “bun” look so I twisted my hair loosely and wrapped it around to make the knot.


(Pearl Earrings Find them Here    Wool Hat Find it Here)

I started in the front of my hair, I wanted the parts to have a triangular/diamond shape to them to compliment my face. I then used gel (only in the front!) to have a sleeker look. The parting is what took the most time when doing these bantu knots, however the outcome is perfect!


(Pearl Earrings Find them Here     Beanie/Neck Warmer Find it Here)

The only downfall for using bantu knots as a protective style is having them unravel, and since I did my bantu knots on the looser side, they started unravelling after the first night.

Now to answer some questions you all might have:

How to do bantu knots on my hair?

I went on Youtube and looked at different methods and how people would style them. I choose to style my bantu knots with rubber bands, however you don’t need rubber bands to complete the style. It depends on the look you’re going for and how small/large or tight/loose you want the bantu knots to be.

Why are my bantu knots frizzy?

My bantu knots are “frizzy” because I did not wrap them tightly, I also didn’t twist them super tight as I was going for the frizzy/puffy look (they look awesome this way!).

Are bantu knots supposed to be tight?

Bantu knots should be tight if you’re looking to wear them for a couple of days. If you are using bantu knots to get curls, I would wrap them tighter so the curl can be more defined.

Are bantu knots a protective style?

Yes, although the bantu knots took a while to install (it was my first time lol) it was super easy to do. My ends were protected for three days and there wasn’t any major pulling on my scalp.

How to remove bantu knots?

I simply removed my hair pins, unravelled the twists, and took the rubber bands out by either breaking them (not the best method I know) or sliding them off.

Are bantu knots professional?

Bantu knots are a very bold and unique look, I think they can be professional depending on the career/job. Me being shy, I didn’t wear this style to class but I had fun wearing them on the weekend!

What other questions do you have? Would you wear this style?

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Coloring My Natural Hair: Copper Brown and Raspberry Twist by Adore


With school starting I always feel the need to spice up my style by coloring my hair. Lately, I have been letting my hair grow out so I had about 9 inches of virgin hair that I have been excited to color! I revisited my staple hair color, red, but this time I wanted to have a copper-y raspberry tint to my hair instead of the cherry red I usually go for.

Here is my journey of color! I would like to say that all product were purchased with my own money and I spent around 4 hours doing this process, as I was trying my hardest to prevent damage. So, Let’s begin…

Getting Out My Tools

To prepare for coloring my hair, I laid out everything that I needed for this job! Along with the items in the pictures, I also had the items listed below:

  1. Hair Color: I had Copper Brown and Raspeberry Twist by Adore
  2. Coloring Bowl and Applicator Brush: For easy application of bleach and hair dye
  3. Shea Butter: I didn’t have petroleum jelly, so I used this instead
  4. Disposable Gloves and Shower caps: I used different gloves for bleaching, coloring, and dying my hair. I also used about 4 shower caps, as I needed two for bleach and 2 for coloring.
  5. Rubber Bands and Wide Tooth Comb: Used to detangle and separate hair for process
  6. Bleach: Purchased from Sally’s (a while ago), this is super strength
  7. Developer: I used 10 vol, which processes slow, but I found that this level protects my hair from getting damaged too soon.
  8. Ion Repair System: a protein and deep conditioner of which I should have purchased 2 lol.
  9. Old Shirt: I used my handy dandy bleach shirt which I use every time I color my hair
  10. Dark towel/shirt: I personally use an dark t-shirt to dry my hair, but a dark towel is acceptable.
  11. Blow Dryer: This will be needed to process hair color and the Ion protein treatment
  12. Cheap Conditioner: Used to mix in with hair color (crème of nature)
  13. Leave In conditioner: what I used to twist my hair

On to preparing my hair for color! ❤

Prepping My Hair For Color

I started off with a 3 day old twist out that had a little bit of shea butter on the ends, from when I first twisted my hair. I detangled with the wide tooth comb, making sure to get all of the tangles and shed hair out before applying bleach. Likewise, I triedd a new method of separating my hair that I saw on YouTube (I should have known better, keep reading to find out why *face palm*) that involved twisting my hair at the roots and then using a rubber band to prevent me from putting bleach near my roots. I then proceeded to twist the hair to keep it stretched.

Applying the Bleach

I am not a professional cosmetologist nor do I have a license in coloring hair, I do have over 5 years of experience bleaching my hair to get the results that I want. With that being said, I used 2.5 scoops of the super strength bleaching powder mixed with enough of the 10 vol. developer to get a smooth consistency. I applied the bleach to the front first, focusing on the middle up, since I had pre-lightened ends in the front. Then I proceeded to apply the bleach in the back. Then I applied two shower caps, since my hair is super thick. I allowed the front to process for 30 mins, while the back processed for about 26 mins. During the last 5 minutes of letting the bleach process, I applied the bleach to the ends in the front, so they could lighten a bit more.

Mixing the Color

To get the color that I wanted, I mixed equal parts 1:1 of the Copper Brown and Raspberry Twist with a little bit of the crème of nature conditioner so that it would have a thicker consistency. I love Adore hair colors, but they are liquidy, so adding the conditioner really helps!

Rinsing Out The Color

So while applying the bleach and color, I left the rubber bands in, so the application would be easier. However, in doing so, there are spots that did not get any color at all! Next time, I will remove the rubber bands after applying the bleach, so I can ensure the color is added everywhere. But oh well, you live and you learn, right?

Keeping Hair Strong and Healthy

After apllying the color, I used the Ion Repair system. The pack came with both the protein and the deep conditioner, even though I used 1 and should have used 2, I have just enough to cover my hair and allow the protein and deep conditioner to saturate my hair. This stuff smells awesome and I noticed my hair feeling strong yet soft at the same time! I will be using this again.

Styling and Results

I don’t usually use heat in my hair, especially after using bleach, so I used my Eden Body Works Coconut Leave-in Conditioner to do a twist-out. I had about 16 twists in my head (8 in the front, 8 in the back) as I was going for a big hair look. The pictures below were shot in different lights so the dimension of the hair color could be shown! I’m so in love with my new hair color ❤

What do you all think? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 Black Owned Home Decor Brands You Should Know

webuyblack photo collage

Being a BOB (black owned business) myself, I always feel honored to have the chance to shout out any amazing companies that I come across. Below, I have listed 5 companies from which happens to be a marketplace for hundreds of black owned business! These companies specialize in making your home look, feel, and smell beautiful. Visit there sites on the platform and let me know what you think 😉

Luxury Orange Furniture Set

webuyblack photo 2

Decorate your living room, or bedroom with this Luxury design featuring a rich orange color. The furniture is designed by Design Life Style (DLS) and their page on WeBuyBlack can be found here.


Candles To Set The Mood

I just love candles! They can take your room from 0 to 100 real quick, and spice up your life for the night. These fabulous candles come in amazing scents like Birthday Sex and Nubian Lovers. Ebonessence is the designer of the luxurious fragrances, and her shop can be found here.


Wax Print Mirrors 

ankara mirror we buy black

“Reflektion Design is a home accessories brand for the culturally inspired. “These mirrors come in many different Ankara patterns that are simply gorgeous. Made by Reflektion Design, The pillows can be found here.

All Things Pillows

erikah badu pillow we buy black.jpg

If your a fanatic for cute pillows, this All Things Pillows is the company for you! Many of the designs feature popular black icons such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Dorothy Dandrige, and so much more. Their fabulous designs can be found here.

Vintage Home Décor

comforter set we buy black

Oh So Fancy Holmes Décor features a vast collection of home décor items that capture a vintage, homey feel. From curtains, throws, comforter sets, dishes, and clocks, this is a one stop shop for all your decoration needs. You can find this boutique here.

What are your favorite things to get for decorating your house? Let us know in the comments!

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Top 5 Reasons Why Jumpsuits and Rompers are Winning

Here are the top 5 reasons why Jumpsuits and Rompers are a fashionistas best friend!

1. Super Comfy


Stretchy fabrics with room to spare? yes please!

2. Compliments Curvy Figures


Most Jumpsuits and Rompers feature a cinched wait to compliment curvy figures. Win Win!

3. Less Time To Get Ready


Simply put on and accessories! No need to match a top with a bottom. 😉

4. Easy to Style


Find your favorite shoes + accessories, style up you hair and your done!

5. Dress Up or Down

Romper and Jumpsuits can be taken from Party Chic to Class and Professional. So many options to choose from!

What are the reasons you like to wear rompers and jumpers? Let us know in the comments!

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