Maxine Waters Expresses what Most Americans Feel about the Inaguration


Congresswoman Maxine Waters has gained popularity on social media  after her (legit) 20 second press conference with enough shade and disgust that could be felt through the screen.

You can view here comments from the press conference her from the video posted on All Thing’s Being Equal’s Facebook Page:

When I say the shade could be felt through the room, whew!

And the comments are even better! (Make sure to open the video in your browser to read all of the hilarious comments 😉 )



But that’s not all, she recently appeared on MSNBC on January 17, 2017 explaining her reasons for not participating in the inaguration.

You can see a full clip of her comments in this video here:

The video starts of with Waters saying: “Well, let me just tell you, after I discovered who Trump is and they way that he conducted himself, I was NEVER going to go to the Inaguration..”


*Applauding on the Inside*

This to me, exemplifies how many of Americans are feeling about Trump, the election, and the inauguration.

Despite political views of the current President and the other presidential candidates, the fact the someone could conduct their self in a way that would get any human being fired from work or expelled from school, but somehow elected to represent a Country, is absurd!

Representative Maxine Waters had no shame in expressing her views on this matter, and I applaud her!

We should have higher standards (other than money!) when electing someone to represent us as a country, glad to know that there are people in the government who feel the same.

What are your thoughts? Do you think her comments were out of place? Let  me know in the comments!



This Video Of Young Black Kids Rapping about Veggies will Give You Life!!

Never thought I would be doing the dab to a song about vegetables and growing foods lol, but I found this video on my Instagram and thought I had to share!

This song was made to bring awareness to Appetite for Change, a non-profit organization in North Minneapolis who’s aim is to bring more awareness to health eating.

AFC Grow Food Website link.png

Make sure to check them out and support them!.

What did you think about the video?

Let me know in the comments!

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Solange Knowles and the Depression of the Black Woman

“I tried to run it away. Thought then my head would be clearer. I traveled 70 states. Thought moving round would make me feel better” (2:13 of Cranes In The Sky official music video from Solange Knowles)

Image result for solange knowles a seat at my table

Solange Knowles a Seat at The Table has been gaining popularity, especially with the single “Don’t Touch My Hair” which has over 6 million views since it’s release on October 2, 2016. However her second single, “Crane’s in the Sky” is what really captured my heart, made me aware of my sadness, and let me know that I wasn’t alone. That we all try to hide and avoid our struggles, our deppressions, our anxieties. This song was so poetic, with each verse holding a strong message of all the things we do to avoid the sadness we feel.

“I tried to drink it away. I tried to put one in the air. I tried to dance it away. I tried to change it with my hair…”

So many times I hear women in my family battling with deep emotional issues or scars, and covering it up with a new hair style, boyfriend, or happy hour. There’s a stigma in the black community that the black woman is strong and nothing can break her. The sad thing about this weight is that many black women feel they need to live up to this standard, and push away their emotions as if they could go away.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand depression affects every community, race, gender, it doesn’t discriminate. But there is a sad percentage of black women who suffer and don’t seek treatment.

According to an article published by the Huffington Post there was a  study done by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) detailing that 7.6%  of African-Americans sought treatment for depression in comparison to the 13.6 percent of the general population. With African American women experiencing high rates of depression compared to the general public (para. 5).

It’s taboo to talk about, and the fact that Solange wrote a song that reflects this issue is so important in the black community and women in general. Solange herself has done interviews and posted tweets letting her fans know she suffers with depression and the effect it has on her character (para. 20).

“I ran my credit card bill up. Thought a new dress would make it better. I tried to work it away. But that just made me even sadder”

^^This verse really struck home for me. I used to buy things to provide happiness, covering up my pain of feeling sad and unwanted. I never wanted to talk about it because I was a “big girl” and “big girls don’t cry” and I would tell myself this as I choked back my tears at night. Just like this verse, all those things just made me feel even sadder.

Now looking back, I’m glad I came to terms with my feelings and learned how to express them. Solange’s “Crane in The Sky” is a beautiful masterpiece that hopefully will bring up this conversation more and more in the black community, especially among the black women who have higher levels.

The Mental Health America (MHA) organization has an article providing more information about Depression in the African American community, with definitions and methods of treatment. Check it out, and share! Possibly even use it to start a discussion among your friends and family.

What do you all think? Have you listened to the song yet? What emotions did you feel?

Let me know in the comments!

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5 Black Owned Home Decor Brands You Should Know

webuyblack photo collage

Being a BOB (black owned business) myself, I always feel honored to have the chance to shout out any amazing companies that I come across. Below, I have listed 5 companies from which happens to be a marketplace for hundreds of black owned business! These companies specialize in making your home look, feel, and smell beautiful. Visit there sites on the platform and let me know what you think 😉

Luxury Orange Furniture Set

webuyblack photo 2

Decorate your living room, or bedroom with this Luxury design featuring a rich orange color. The furniture is designed by Design Life Style (DLS) and their page on WeBuyBlack can be found here.


Candles To Set The Mood

I just love candles! They can take your room from 0 to 100 real quick, and spice up your life for the night. These fabulous candles come in amazing scents like Birthday Sex and Nubian Lovers. Ebonessence is the designer of the luxurious fragrances, and her shop can be found here.


Wax Print Mirrors 

ankara mirror we buy black

“Reflektion Design is a home accessories brand for the culturally inspired. “These mirrors come in many different Ankara patterns that are simply gorgeous. Made by Reflektion Design, The pillows can be found here.

All Things Pillows

erikah badu pillow we buy black.jpg

If your a fanatic for cute pillows, this All Things Pillows is the company for you! Many of the designs feature popular black icons such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Dorothy Dandrige, and so much more. Their fabulous designs can be found here.

Vintage Home Décor

comforter set we buy black

Oh So Fancy Holmes Décor features a vast collection of home décor items that capture a vintage, homey feel. From curtains, throws, comforter sets, dishes, and clocks, this is a one stop shop for all your decoration needs. You can find this boutique here.

What are your favorite things to get for decorating your house? Let us know in the comments!

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rompers and jumpsuits



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Fall in Love with Rihanna’s New Fashion Line!

Just recently, it has been noted that Rihanna is coming out with some new fashion wear in 2016. Today, images were released of her new sock collection.

Below we have listed some pics and a video clip of her fabulous photo shoot displaying the socks!! ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out the video introducing the photo shoot!

(Learn how to make money selling your own clothes!)

Which pair is your favorite!! Let me know in the comments below 😉 ❤

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3 Apps You Need to Make Major Extra Cash!

Wether you are in college looking to make extra cash, or you are looking to save some money for the future, these apps are for you! All three apps can be found in the Apple app store and the Google play store.

Below I have listed 3 of my favorite apps that I use everyday to sell (and buy) and I have made well over $300 in 5 months using a combination of all of these apps. In terms of comparison of $300 in 5 months, may not seem like a lot but it is still something! Also please also note that I am not as vigorous on these apps as some people, many ladies (and gents) are make more than $300 a month by paying attention to trends, buying things wholesale (or from Goodwill/thrift stores), and having great picture taking skills.

  1. Vinted vinted-logo

Very popular for selling clothes, jewelry, accessories, and (brand new) cosmetics at low prices. Many of the shoppers on this app are looking for a bargain, so many things under $10 sell pretty well. The best way to make the most on this app is to browse around and see which items are selling the most. Also pay attention to the seasons and the trends that are occurring in fashion. For example, now that it’s summer many people will be searching for shorts, bathing suits, maxi-dresses, and beach cover ups! Check out our closet to get a feel for the app. 

2. Poshmark


Great for selling higher end items and wholesale items if you are a boutique owner! The great thing about this app is that you are able to “share” your items with your followers on Poshmark so they can see them, but you can also share to popular platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Shipping is slightly higher than in Vinted, so smaller items tend to not do well on this platform. Clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics are the major items on this platform. So if you have some higher end items, or even very stylish affordable brand items this app is for you! Check out our closet here to get a feel for the app!

3. Mercari


Last but not least, is Mercari. Not as sophisticated as the other two apps mentioned above. But the developers are still working out the tweaks with this app, also they do not take out commission, as of right now! So when you list something for $10, you earn $10 once someone purchase something and you ship it out. I will say that people on this app are truly looking for deals and special sales. Its like a merge between Ebay and craigs list. You can list numerous items from clothes, to electronics, to furniture, making it optimal to get rid of items and earn some extra cash from them! Check out our collection to get a feel for the app.

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How One Woman Turned Her Love Of Creativity Into A Successful Business

Naturall Luxur pic 2

Using the love of creativity and passion for designing soaps and beauty products, Chakarra W. begin her journey as a beauty product creator when she would make soaps with her great-grandmother. It was through these beautiful moments, of which she shared with her relative, that encourage her to pursue this passion as an entrepreneur. We have had the benefit of interviwing Chakarra W. and finding learning more about her company, Naturally Luxur.

Naturally Luxur pic 1

“Be Good, Smell Good, Feel Good”

1. Thank you so much for joining us at Urban Prestige. To start off our interview, lets get into when and why you started Naturally Luxur?

First, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to shine light on my business, It truly means the world to me. Naturally LuXur is the name of my business! After going the through MANY trial and error, we finally came up with this name. I started my business almost a year ago in October. Growing up I use to make soaps and such with my great-grandmother (Rest her soul). After she passed, I strayed away from it because my joy was gone. I couldn’t find a job and honestly it was weighting on my heart. One day, I was sitting alone and heard the Lord say “Do What You Love” then I had the urge to make some products…Let’s just say I rediscovered my “SPARK”!

2.  Naturally Luxur focuses a lot on providing unique Beauty Products, what encouraged you to make this your passion?

It’s always been my passion. I’m a creator. I’ve always loved art crafts and things of that nature. Like before, it drifted away but thank GOD he brought the joy for it back to me! 

3. Its nice to hear how that was able to drive your passion for creating these products! When showcasing your passion, what are the values that customers will be able to see in your products?

My HEART! My true love for making the products! I would love for them to feel that same joy I felt growing up.

4. Those are some awesome values that truly add character to your products! I’m sure that the love and joy put in the products really shine through (smile). For our fashion divas, what are some beauty tips that you can share?

My area is skincare! Water, Water WATER! I can’t stress that enough! LOL Drinking water is what keeps my complexion smooth and blemish free! 

5. I know that’s right! Water is essential for maintain beautiful skin. Now that we are nearing the end of our interview,  are there any events or specials that we can look out for from Naturally Luxur?

Well I have a “EVERYTHING MUST GO” sale going on as we speak. Also have some fabulous Fall items coming soon! I can’t wait!!!

To Find out more Information About Naturally Luxur. make sure to support and follow them on their social media and stay connected with their etsy shop!

Naturally LuXur

“Be Good, Smell Good, Feel Good”
Facebook page
Instagram page IG: @QueenLuxur