How to Slay a Head Wrap in under 2 minutes – 3 Styles

I like being a lazy natural because I’m constantly finding ways to still look cute without having to do anything to my hair lol.


Aside from doing braids or twists (see my protective style journey posts “Box braids on your natural hair” or Chunky Twists on Natural Hair”) I truly enjoy wrapping my hair up for a week or two. My hair gets a break, and I still look presentable and neat! I especially love wrapping my natural hair in the summertime as it’s too hot to have hair on my shoulders or on top of my hair. Plus hair wraps provide a protective shade from all the sun 😉


Throw on a bonnet or satin scarf and make this a protective style for your edges and prevent fabrics from rubbing on your hair. The best things about all three of these head wrap styles is that they take at least 2 minutes to do. So if you’re late for school, work, the gym, whatever, these are great to know so you won’t have to come out the house looking too crazy lol.

What you will need for each style:

  • pony tail holder (hair tie, headband, whatever you call them J )
  • hair pins and/or bobby pins
  • leave in conditioner
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Oil
  • satin bonnet/scarf (optional)
  • Your fabric or scarf

P.s. My orange scarf is 42 x 76 inches, while my brown fabric is a yard (35 x 74 inches).

How To Prep Your Natural Hair

My natural hair was in a previous style I wore to a few interviews, however generally I don’t have braids in the front when I make my buns. But because I’m lazy I just kept them and went with the flow! If you are doing this after wearing your hair in a style for a while, make sure to spritz hair with water and seal with a leave in conditioner.

Make sure to give your ends special attention with some oil after applying the leave in condition to keep the ends of your natural hair protected. Also wearing a sating bonnet or scarf under your scarf is recommended to decrease breakage (I’m usually fine without one, but if your hair is super fragile I suggest you wear one 😉 )

Style One – Jumbo Top Knot

Top Knot Bun Head Wrap Natural Hair ThatClassyAfroChic

For this head wrap style you will need to put your hair in a bun on the top of your hair. If your hair is long this will be easy. If your hair is a bit short, you can use a scarf underneath to create a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins or hair pins, making sure it’s not too tight. Then take the scarf and place it on the back of your hair, near your nape, making sure to be in the middle of the scarf. Twist the scarf in the front of the hair to prepare to wrap around your bun. Just keep wrapping until you use up all of the scarf, tuck the end piece of the scarf under the rolls, and your done!

Style Two – Twisted Crown Bun

Twisted Crown Bun Head Wrap Natural Hair ThatClassyAfroChic

For this bun head wrap style you will need to put your hair in a bun in the back of your hair. Again if your hair is short, you can enhance your bun with a small scarf to support all of the fabric. Again, secure the bun with your bobby pins. This can be either tight, or puffy, depending on how you want the end result to be. I prefer the bigger look, so my bun is puffy.

Twist the scarf, but instead of wrapping it around the bun, wrap it around the crown of your head, making sure to twist as you go around. Once you’ve done that, keep wrapping until you meet the bun on the other side, and wrap the rest of the fabric around the bun. Secure under the rolls, using a bobby pin to keep it put just in case. This style is complete! 😉


Style Three – Jumbo Twisted Bun

Jumbo Twisted Bun Head Wrap Natural Hair ThatClassyAfroChic

You set up your natural hair similarly to the Twisted Crown bun, having the hair in the back. I prefer my bun to be poofy again, however for an even more conservative look, I’ll make the bun tighter. Wrap the scarf around the perimeter of the bun until all the fabric is gone. Then tuck the ends under the rolls to secure.


Which style is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “How to Slay a Head Wrap in under 2 minutes – 3 Styles

  1. I’m such a lazy natural too lol If I don’t have my hair in a crochet weave or halo braid, it’s under a wrap


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