Box Braid on Natural Hair Only – My Review

Box Braids only on red type 4 natural hair ThatClassyAfroChic

During my protective style journey slash challenge, I experimented with twists using my natural hair see my explanation in my recent blog post “What Wearing Protective Styles for 3 months did to my Natural Hair” However, I also experimented with using box braids on my natural hair without adding any hair to it.

Is it cute or nah?

This is not my favorite style to be honest. Without added hair the braids look thin and I felt sent back to elementary school age when my mom used to braid my hair so I would stop playing with it. Or at least I looked very snoop dog-ish lol.

How did I style them?

Although they do look a bit childish, they were awesome under my hair wraps! I was able to put the braids in a bun using only a ponytail holder (hair tie, headband, whatever people call them lol) and just wrap my fabric around.

Would I rock them in the future?

Box Braids on Natural Hair Only ThatClassyAfroChic Red Hair
I appreciated how neat my head wraps were while having the braids, my hair is usually bulky when I wrap my hair after putting in a bun so this was a pro for me. As a style by itself I feel like these box braids using only my natural hair are a big NO. However when considering other styles like wearing the box braids under a hat, using the braids for a headwrap, or using the box braids for a neater wig lay I’m down!

I’m actually considering reinstalling these braids when I start rocking some DIY crochet braid wigs.

Have you tried wearing box braids using your natural hair only? Let me know in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Box Braid on Natural Hair Only – My Review

  1. I haven’t tried box braids at all yet. I’m only a year into my journey but it’s definitely something I want to try in the future, maybe near future with box braids. Not with just my natural hair ofc because it’s not as long yet. But I think these look good, and I would wear them with a hat, cute hair pins or headbands or under a wig

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    1. I never thought to style them with headbands! But they did fit nice and snug under my dad hats (baseball caps).


  2. I think your natural box braids look fine. And yes I would definitely rock them. I will say that headbands, hair jewels, pin up styles will allow the style to look a bit more feminine and not so snoop doggish. Don’t be afraid to sass them up. Try different parts, make them a part of your style just to add a bit of flair.

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    1. I’ll surely revisit the braids when I’m wearing my crochet wigs, as my hair did stay detangle and moisturized. They also looked cute when I put them in a ninja bun, but I think they just look weird on my big head 😂😂😂


  3. I like it. I want to put braids in my natural hair, but I was going to add hair to it. I like your look and as the previous comment said, dressing it up would be good. I’m definitely going to start doing this. I get tired of twisting my hair each week. 😦


    1. Hi Aris, Thanks for reading my blog post! *hugs and smooches*

      Yes although cute, twists frizz so easily! Are you doing mini twists or large twists?

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      1. I love them, i learned through a youtube video. I don’t recall the person name though. It became my go to source when i transitioned.


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