The REAL Truth about Dyed Natural Hair


I have been coloring my hair for a couple of years, and while I love it, there are some cons that I found while being color treated

Super Dry Hair

Especially after bleaching my hair, I noticed that my (already dry) hair got even drier. I would deep condition, use a leave in conditioner, and the next day my hair still felt thirsty.


Along with having dry hair, this leads to breakage. When my hair was not dyed, I found that I could manipulate my hair more (braids, twists, french braids, buns, etc.). But after coloring, my hair became a little fragile and I would increase my breakage by styling + pulling too much. Instead I stick to braid outs + twist outs, and a *loose* puff.

Split Ends

This is another factor of the hair being dryer. I have found that I’m getting more split ends lately. To *try* to prevent this, I do seal my ends with a leave in + shea butter every 2-3 days. This helped me minimize the dryness as well.

Frequent Trims

I used to trim my hair maybe 2 times a year when I had “virgin” hair. With the color in my hair, I find myself dusting my ends every 3-4 months. Sometimes my ends get brittle and I notice more split ends, so I snip them off.

Constant Coloring

I love my color, but it can be annoying having to freshen up my red (it fades quickly). Wash day already takes a long time, then I have to factor in coloring it *eye roll*

Changing Hair Products

My “virgin” hair loves products that my color treated hair laughs at. And my color treated hair adores some products that my virgin hair used to hate. For example, products with silicones used to make my hair feel weighed down and flat, but my color treated hair is bouncy and vibrant  when I use them.

Would I give up coloring my hair?

No! I absolutely love coloring my hair. I’m thinking of a nice rich denim/royal blue next. But it can be annoying sometimes lol. So I do wait a long time before coloring or bleaching again.

What bother’s you about hair color? Do you plan on coloring your hair in the future? Let me know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “The REAL Truth about Dyed Natural Hair

  1. I used to dye my hair. I dyed it red about 2 months into being natural and loved the vibrant color of my Afro. I stopped after about 2 years and let the color grow out because of the reasons you mentioned above. I still miss it though.


    1. Yes, I love my color! But I’m considering the dryness and split ends on top of having thick/coarse hair is something else! Did you cut the color out?

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  2. The constant refreshing of the color is really annoying. I love red, I used to be blonde before I was natural but I feel that red goes better with my skin complexion. The problem is that red fade out so quickly. Lately I opte for a darker shade and I feel I don’t have to refresh the color as often


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