Blac Chyna Left Rob Right Before Christmas!?


The Tea on What Happened:

I’m not one to give into petty celebrity news, but this one broke my heart to know that Rob Kardashian got burned once again.

According to US weekly, this all started with Chyna’s Instagram getting hacked and showing some personal messages between her and a lawyer, detailing her plan to trademark the Kardashian name. They also showed some screenshots of sexual messages between Chyna and Young Thug.

Then, an hour after the attack, Rob Kardashian posts a video on his snapchat of an empty house. No Chyna, and no baby girl (Dream Kardashian). What was really sad about this clip is it showed a beautiful Christmas tree and decorations that were set up for the family, but no one was there 😦 .

Is This Fake or Nah??

Of course, many people and bloggers (like Refinery29) have come to the conclusion that this story is fake, and is just building drama to add more fame to the couple and their upcoming reality shows.

But I can’t stop thinking of how Rob is always the butt of the jokes in his family, and in his relationships. Was he in on the plan? Or was Chyna using him, like the women in his family, as a stepping stool to gain more popularity?

This weekend Rob Kardashian took to his social media to apologize and proclaim that he would still be a great father to his child, Dream. In his video and in his posts he seems sincere and sad. I do wish the best for him.

He really needs to step away from the celebrity light and find love and life somewhere else (while still taking care of Dream).

What do you all think?

Is this story fake?

Are you tired of all the Kardashian Drama?

Let me know in the comments!Β 

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