Dashiki Lookbook | How to Style and Where to Buy Dashiki’s

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History of the Dashiki:


The Dashiki is a long, colorful tunic featuring reach designs and fun patterns. It originates from West Africa, most often worn by men, as it was worn to cover the entire chest offer protection for the sun and heat, very important with the West African climate!

It was then used in the 1960’s to represent black beauty and a tie to African heritage. Now the Dashiki’s have been returning in all of their glory to the wardrobes of many people of color to represent their love for African culture.

How to Style a Dashiki:

Dashiki’s can be worn a few ways, with it being a long tunic-like shirt, a dashiki can be worn as a dress (with shorts underneath), or a regular shirt. I like to pair mine with either leggings, or skinny jeans. But wearing them with shorts or capris are also another option.


Where to Buy a Dashiki:

You can find a range of colors and patterns at my online boutique Urban Prestige ranging from $25-35 and multiple colors!

Have you worn a Dashiki before? Would you wear one? Let me know in the comments!

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