Avanti Silicon Bambu Conditioner + Refreshing My Color


I wanted to try some new things for the last couple of weeks in 2016! I went to my local black owned beauty supply store and grabbed some new products.

I wanted to straighten my hair to add some flexi rod curls, but Β I ended up doing bantu knots (see photo above.) They had the Avanti Silicon Mix Bambu deep conditioner and I remember seeing this on YouTube years ago and thought I’d give it a try.

The product boasts that it will make hair soft and stronger in just 3 minutes. My hair has been feeling dry lately, and this looked like something I needed.

I also picked up the ORS Monoi Leave in Conditioner, so this will be a duo review πŸ˜‰

How I Prepped My hair:

Before washing, I always detangle my hair with a conditioner. My favorite right now is Tresseme Naturals Anti Breakage, it smells good and has great slippage! I left this on over night because I was tired lol.

Shampooing my Hair:


I like to use my new favorite shampoo by OKAY Pure Naturals (product review coming soon). My hair is put into four sections, two in the front and back, and I wash each section twice. Then I twist my hair back up to avoid more tangles. I wash my hair in the sink so twisting my hair helps my hair from getting in the way.

Applying Deep Conditioner + Color:

IMG_5210I used the same colors in my “Coloring My Natural Hair” post to mixΒ  with the Silicon Bambu deep conditioner. I used about half the container of conditioner and mixed in a good portion of the color using a ratio of 1:1.

The mixture was applied to my ends first, and then I moved up towards my scalp. I did not apply any of the mixture to my scalp! I didn’t want a stained scalp and I also read about some people having a negative reaction to the Silcon Bambu conditioner, so I made sure to avoid that at all cost!

Processing the Color + Conditioner:

I left the mixture in for 30 minutes using a grocery store bag (I couldn’t find a shower cap lol). I blasted a blow dryer on high heat for 10 minutesΒ while the bag was on my hair. For the remaining 20 minutes I wrapped my hair with a scarf and let the mixture sit.

After 30 minutes, I rinsed with cold water.

Blow Dry + Flat Iron:

My hair was blown dry on high heatΒ using a denman brush. I then flat ironed my hair on medium heat. My wet and dry Conair flat iron uses a number system for heat settings, 3 is in the middle so I used that.

I applied the ORS Monoi leave in before blowing my hair dry to act as a heat protectant.Β I was able to glide through my hair well and it made my hair smooth. However it is really waxy and my hair felt sticky. But I should have know that as it is a leave in not a heat protectant lol.

My Results:

Even though my hair was still textured, it was really soft and bouncy! I was also able to seen great shine after one pass of the flat iron, even on medium heat. This is the first time I’ve used heat in about 3 years, and I’m impressed. I do remember the results not being this great the first time, so I would use more heat (resulting in damage)

Product Reviews:

This post is longer than I though! So I created a review for each product, click the links below to find them:

  • ORS Monoi Oil Leave In Review
  • Avanti Silicon Mix Bambu Conditioner Review

What do you all think about the results?

Let me know in the comments!

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