How To Grow Long Color Treated Natural Hair


Greetings all! Thank you for checking out my blog, here are some tips that I’ve used to retain length while being colored treated. Dying your hair while “natural” can be done if you take the proper measures to protect your hair


Natural hair can be fun! All it takes is something bold + TLC

Some tips for keeping dyed natural hair healthy:

1. Dont over process:

I purposefully left some of my roots so my hair can grow out without looking crazy. This reduces the need to use bleach often. Bleaching hair a lot can increase breakage which = shorter hair.

2. Up the protein:

After bleaching, hair will need to rebuild strength. (comment if you want a diy protein treatment). I tend to do protein treatments every other week, and follow with deep conditioner. This is so my hair won’t get too hard and brittle with too much protein.

3. Use semi-permanent dyes:

Semi permanent dyes don’t require extra chemicals to activate and transfer color. Plus you can layer them to make new/different shades! They are less harmful to your hair, especially after bleaching, some even add moisturizers/conditioners like Manic Panic.

4. No heat

I mostly air-dry my hair in braids or twists, so may hair has the chance to stretch while avoiding heat. Blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc. can cause more damage to fragile hair (hair is usually weaker after dyeing it) so it’s best to avoid them. And if this isn’t an option for you, try to at least limit the amount of heat used.

5. True Protective Styling

Twists , braids, buns, ponytails, or any other style that won’t put major tension on hair is key to success! I try not to use a lot of extensions or braiding hair, as this can tug on the hair and cause more breakage. Styles that cause you to heavily detangle and pull on hair are not protective, especially with dyed natural hair. Let me know if you want to see some protective styles!

What are some tips you learned for taking care of color treated hair? Let me know in the comments!

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