Bantu Knots Style on Natural Hair Lookbook


I recently dyed my hair red (check out Blog Post Here) and got the courage to be more creative with my styling. I’ve always seen the bantu knot style  on natural hair being done on Instagram and Facebook so I thought I would give it a shot!


I posted my after shot on my instagram page (@thatclassyafrochic make sure to follow 🙂 ) and received a ton of likes, so I thought I would share some more of the photos and my method of installing bantu knots!

Here are some of the photos I took after completing the style:


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I did bantu knots with rubberbands to achieve a tighter look at the roots. This also helped when trying to shape the knots as they weren’t too loose. My hair was twisted and I used hair pins to secure the bantu knots. I was aiming for a bantu knot “bun” look so I twisted my hair loosely and wrapped it around to make the knot.


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I started in the front of my hair, I wanted the parts to have a triangular/diamond shape to them to compliment my face. I then used gel (only in the front!) to have a sleeker look. The parting is what took the most time when doing these bantu knots, however the outcome is perfect!


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The only downfall for using bantu knots as a protective style is having them unravel, and since I did my bantu knots on the looser side, they started unravelling after the first night.

Now to answer some questions you all might have:

How to do bantu knots on my hair?

I went on Youtube and looked at different methods and how people would style them. I choose to style my bantu knots with rubber bands, however you don’t need rubber bands to complete the style. It depends on the look you’re going for and how small/large or tight/loose you want the bantu knots to be.

Why are my bantu knots frizzy?

My bantu knots are “frizzy” because I did not wrap them tightly, I also didn’t twist them super tight as I was going for the frizzy/puffy look (they look awesome this way!).

Are bantu knots supposed to be tight?

Bantu knots should be tight if you’re looking to wear them for a couple of days. If you are using bantu knots to get curls, I would wrap them tighter so the curl can be more defined.

Are bantu knots a protective style?

Yes, although the bantu knots took a while to install (it was my first time lol) it was super easy to do. My ends were protected for three days and there wasn’t any major pulling on my scalp.

How to remove bantu knots?

I simply removed my hair pins, unravelled the twists, and took the rubber bands out by either breaking them (not the best method I know) or sliding them off.

Are bantu knots professional?

Bantu knots are a very bold and unique look, I think they can be professional depending on the career/job. Me being shy, I didn’t wear this style to class but I had fun wearing them on the weekend!

What other questions do you have? Would you wear this style?

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