Coloring My Natural Hair: Copper Brown and Raspberry Twist by Adore


With school starting I always feel the need to spice up my style by coloring my hair. Lately, I have been letting my hair grow out so I had about 9 inches of virgin hair that I have been excited to color! I revisited my staple hair color, red, but this time I wanted to have a copper-y raspberry tint to my hair instead of the cherry red I usually go for.

Here is my journey of color! I would like to say that all product were purchased with my own money and I spent around 4 hours doing this process, as I was trying my hardest to prevent damage. So, Let’s begin…

Getting Out My Tools

To prepare for coloring my hair, I laid out everything that I needed for this job! Along with the items in the pictures, I also had the items listed below:

  1. Hair Color: I had Copper Brown and Raspeberry Twist by Adore
  2. Coloring Bowl and Applicator Brush: For easy application of bleach and hair dye
  3. Shea Butter: I didn’t have petroleum jelly, so I used this instead
  4. Disposable Gloves and Shower caps: I used different gloves for bleaching, coloring, and dying my hair. I also used about 4 shower caps, as I needed two for bleach and 2 for coloring.
  5. Rubber Bands and Wide Tooth Comb: Used to detangle and separate hair for process
  6. Bleach: Purchased from Sally’s (a while ago), this is super strength
  7. Developer: I used 10 vol, which processes slow, but I found that this level protects my hair from getting damaged too soon.
  8. Ion Repair System: a protein and deep conditioner of which I should have purchased 2 lol.
  9. Old Shirt: I used my handy dandy bleach shirt which I use every time I color my hair
  10. Dark towel/shirt: I personally use an dark t-shirt to dry my hair, but a dark towel is acceptable.
  11. Blow Dryer: This will be needed to process hair color and the Ion protein treatment
  12. Cheap Conditioner: Used to mix in with hair color (crème of nature)
  13. Leave In conditioner: what I used to twist my hair

On to preparing my hair for color! ❤

Prepping My Hair For Color

I started off with a 3 day old twist out that had a little bit of shea butter on the ends, from when I first twisted my hair. I detangled with the wide tooth comb, making sure to get all of the tangles and shed hair out before applying bleach. Likewise, I triedd a new method of separating my hair that I saw on YouTube (I should have known better, keep reading to find out why *face palm*) that involved twisting my hair at the roots and then using a rubber band to prevent me from putting bleach near my roots. I then proceeded to twist the hair to keep it stretched.

Applying the Bleach

I am not a professional cosmetologist nor do I have a license in coloring hair, I do have over 5 years of experience bleaching my hair to get the results that I want. With that being said, I used 2.5 scoops of the super strength bleaching powder mixed with enough of the 10 vol. developer to get a smooth consistency. I applied the bleach to the front first, focusing on the middle up, since I had pre-lightened ends in the front. Then I proceeded to apply the bleach in the back. Then I applied two shower caps, since my hair is super thick. I allowed the front to process for 30 mins, while the back processed for about 26 mins. During the last 5 minutes of letting the bleach process, I applied the bleach to the ends in the front, so they could lighten a bit more.

Mixing the Color

To get the color that I wanted, I mixed equal parts 1:1 of the Copper Brown and Raspberry Twist with a little bit of the crème of nature conditioner so that it would have a thicker consistency. I love Adore hair colors, but they are liquidy, so adding the conditioner really helps!

Rinsing Out The Color

So while applying the bleach and color, I left the rubber bands in, so the application would be easier. However, in doing so, there are spots that did not get any color at all! Next time, I will remove the rubber bands after applying the bleach, so I can ensure the color is added everywhere. But oh well, you live and you learn, right?

Keeping Hair Strong and Healthy

After apllying the color, I used the Ion Repair system. The pack came with both the protein and the deep conditioner, even though I used 1 and should have used 2, I have just enough to cover my hair and allow the protein and deep conditioner to saturate my hair. This stuff smells awesome and I noticed my hair feeling strong yet soft at the same time! I will be using this again.

Styling and Results

I don’t usually use heat in my hair, especially after using bleach, so I used my Eden Body Works Coconut Leave-in Conditioner to do a twist-out. I had about 16 twists in my head (8 in the front, 8 in the back) as I was going for a big hair look. The pictures below were shot in different lights so the dimension of the hair color could be shown! I’m so in love with my new hair color ❤

What do you all think? Let me know in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Coloring My Natural Hair: Copper Brown and Raspberry Twist by Adore

    1. Hi Candra! 🙂 thanks for taking the time to read my post. You should definitely try it! There are washable options if you’re not ready for the commitment


  1. Your hair looks beautiful! I have so much respect for women who bleach and color their hair at home. I was always way too scared and worried I would damage it or just make a mistake I didn’t know how to fix, lol. But as you said, you have years of experience, and that’s why it went so well. 🙂 How often do you have to refresh your color? I’ve always heard that red colors fade fast, but I’ve had my burgundy for a while now and I hardly ever have to go in for more color.


    1. Sorry for just seeing this! I refresh my color every 3-4 weeks, only because it starts fading to an orange-red and I don’t want to look like ronald mcdonald lol. Burgundy is the best, it still looks awesome even with fading


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