3 Apps You Need to Make Major Extra Cash!

Wether you are in college looking to make extra cash, or you are looking to save some money for the future, these apps are for you! All three apps can be found in the Apple app store and the Google play store.

Below I have listed 3 of my favorite apps that I use everyday to sell (and buy) and I have made well over $300 in 5 months using a combination of all of these apps. In terms of comparison of $300 in 5 months, may not seem like a lot but it is still something! Also please also note that I am not as vigorous on these apps as some people, many ladies (and gents) are make more than $300 a month by paying attention to trends, buying things wholesale (or from Goodwill/thrift stores), and having great picture taking skills.

  1. VintedΒ vinted-logo

Very popular for selling clothes, jewelry, accessories, and (brand new) cosmetics at low prices. Many of the shoppers on this app are looking for a bargain, so many things under $10 sell pretty well. The best way to make the most on this app is to browse around and see which items are selling the most. Also pay attention to the seasons and the trends that are occurring in fashion. For example, now that it’s summer many people will be searching for shorts, bathing suits, maxi-dresses, and beach cover ups! Check out our closet to get a feel for the app.Β 

2. Poshmark


Great for selling higher end items and wholesale items if you are a boutique owner! The great thing about this app is that you are able to “share” your items with your followers on Poshmark so they can see them, but you can also share to popular platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Shipping is slightly higher than in Vinted, so smaller items tend to not do well on this platform. Clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics are the major items on this platform. So if you have some higher end items, or even very stylish affordable brand items this app is for you!Β Check out our closet here to get a feel for the app!

3. Mercari


Last but not least, is Mercari. Not as sophisticated as the other two apps mentioned above. But the developers are still working out the tweaks with this app, also they do not take out commission, as of right now! So when you list something for $10, you earn $10 once someone purchase something and you ship it out. I will say that people on this app are truly looking for deals and special sales. Its like a merge between Ebay and craigs list. You can list numerous items from clothes, to electronics, to furniture, making it optimal to get rid of items and earn some extra cash from them! Check out our collection to get a feel for the app.

Thanks for visiting this post! Make sure to share with your friends and anyone you know that is looking to make some extra cash from using apps on their phones.

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