Spending Valentines Alone? Here are 14 Things You Can Give Yourself!


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If you haven’t noticed the endless isles of candy, heart teddy bears, and “love” adorned cards, welp, Valentines Day is around the corner. This holiday can be awesome when you have someone (or people) to share it with and can expected a bundle of gifts to be waiting for you when you get home. However, this year I am #TeamLonely and if you are like me, you also want to enjoy the holiday without feeling pressured to find a quick mate.

Therefore I have created a list of 14 thing we can give ourselves this Valentines Day! ❤

  • A Trip to the Pizza Parlor6pizzayes

Nothing says “I Love You” like a delicious, mouth-watering, glorious slice of pizza. Or maybe a whole box, it’s up to you! Treat yourself and go all out, or maybe try a topping combination that you have’t tried before.

  • Make up Shopping Spree? I think so!IMG_3215

Online stores and make-up boutiques on social media always have great deals on Valentine’s day. Lip stains, make- brushes, and face primers galore! Pick your favorite shops (like ours *wink wink*) and get your favorite items while they are on sale!

  • Visit the Mall, From the Palm of Your Handposh homepage

Along with finding your favorite shops online to get some awesome cosmetics, you can start shopping for the summer and spring using apps on your phones. Some of my favorites are Vinted and Poshmark, which are consignment apps where you can buy and sell your clothes. Why not add some of your clothes to your closet and begin selling them on Valentines Day?

  • Cartoon Network Binge Fest


Pop some popcorn, get some chips, and rock your favorite pj’s while watching your favorite CN cartoons from your childhood. Binge watch one season or maybe a couple of different popular shows. Power Puff Girls and Dextor’s Laboratory anyone??

  • [Old School] Disney Channel Marathon

I couldn’t mention CN without mentioning the Old School Disney Channel shows that still have my heart. Sit back and re-watch your favs from your childhood. I will be watching some of my favorite movies and shows like That’s So Raven, American Dragon, and Smart House. What are some of your favorites?

  • Relaxing Spa Daywoman-relaxing-in-bubble-bath

Pamper yourself and give yourself a spa day. Turn on some relaxation/yoga music and run a hot bath. Treat yourself to some bath bombs and essential oils and create a beautiful escape into an atmosphere of peace.

  • DIY Pedi and Mani


Pick your favorite colors and go online to find some inspiration for your nail designs. Posts some pics on your social media when your finished!

  • Gourmet Cupcakes


Go on a scavenger hunt and find a local bakery that specializes in fancy cupcakes. Try out some new stuff, or you can be adventurous and search up recipes for your own gourmet treats!

  • Banana Split and chill 🙂


Use your favorite ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gellato to create a banana split. Then find your favorite Netflix series and watch by yourself, or maybe invite a friend over 😉 . You could even try Netflix searching for random shows or movies and watch something you normally wouldn’t look at. 

  • Anti-VDay Party


Join an Anti-VDay party or host your own. Pick a cool restaurant or venue to meet and interact with others. Play fun games and meet new people, its a win win!

  • Jewelry Splurge


Search up a gorgeous collection of jewelry and treat yourself. Or if you’re feeling crafty, go on Pinterest and Instagram for some DIY luxury jewelry designs. You can also sign up for our new subscription service that sends you a new collection of jewelry every month! 

  • Bomb A$$ Photo Shoot


Get dressed in your favorite outfits and find a cute area outdoors or in your house to take some awesome photos. If you have pets, include them in on the fun dress up in funny costumes and take funny pictures to share with your friends later!

  • Candy For the Win!


Visit a local candy store and purchase your own candy! Search through the isles for candy you used to eat or for candy you never heard of before and have fun experimenting with new things!

  • Reminisce and Embrace ❤


I know it sounds very cliche, but someone once told me that you can’t love someone until you first love yourself. So make sure you give yourself the gift of love! Look back at all the accomplishments you achieved last year and what you have succeeded in so far in 2016. Write down all that you want to accomplish and a letter of love and appreciation to yourself, put it in a box or mason jar, then wait to open it a couple of months from now. Or even next Valentines Day!

With all of these options, which ones are you going to do on the 14th? Let me know in the comments!

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