Dye Your Hair Purple With No Damage!

purple hair dye main pic blog

Spring and summer is almost here!! Those are the perfect seasons to color hair while the sun is shining and the colors look more vibrant.

However fun coloring hair can be, we also have to watch out for damage that can be caused by bleaching and lifting hair to lighter shades. Because of that, this year I will be experimenting with loads of temporary hair colors, spray’s and liquid hair chalks to test their  vibrancy and just have fun!

A couple of weeks ago, I tried the “Garnier Color Styler-Intense Wash Out Haircolor” in the shade Purple Mania. Garnier has a couple of colors in this line, including blue, red, pink, and a blonde/golden shade. I always wanted to dye my hair a gorgeous purple, so I was happy to find this at Target.

Here is how the color came out! 🙂 (p.s. different lighting and Instagram filters caused the color…

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