Dye Your Hair Purple With No Damage!

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Spring and summer is almost here!! Those are the perfect seasons to color hair while the sun is shining and the colors look more vibrant.

However fun coloring hair can be, we also have to watch out for damage that can be caused by bleaching and lifting hair to lighter shades. Because of that, this year I will be experimenting with loads of temporary hair colors, spray’s and liquid hair chalks to test their  vibrancy and just have fun!

A couple of weeks ago, I tried the “Garnier Color Styler-Intense Wash Out Haircolor” in the shade Purple Mania. Garnier has a couple of colors in this line, including blue, red, pink, and a blonde/golden shade. I always wanted to dye my hair a gorgeous purple, so I was happy to find this at Target.

Here is how the color came out! 🙂 (p.s. different lighting and Instagram filters caused the color to look either lavender or violet blue. Picture 1 is how the color truly came out)

How I applied the color (p.s. I followed the instructions on the box!)

  1. Made sure to have on a shirt that I felt comfortable messing up.
  2. Made sure my hair was completely dried and stretched (My hair was blown dry on the warm-cool setting)
  3. Made sure I was in front of a mirror so I could see where I was putting the color
  4. Put on the gloves provided in the box
  5. Separated the portion of hair that I wanted to color (I only did the front)
  6. Began applying the color by first putting a quarter size amount on my finger tips (hands closed in a cupped shape) and applying it to my hair section by section.
  7. Then I twisted the sections up so they could dry curly!

**One thing I forgot to do was brush/comb the color into my hair after applying, so some areas dried super hard. But after separating and combing when dry, I was able to break up some of the sections. Please don’t skip the brushing/combing part!! It was really hard to comb after drying, since this is a clay based dye!


  1. Vibrant  color
  2. No damage from using bleach
  3. Easy to apply
  4. Nice Fragrance, it did not smell horrible!
  5. Color lasted up to 2 washes (for my hair)


  1. Super hard to comb hair after applying!
  2. Makes your hair feel dry and brittle, even if its not
  3. Hard to style once dried (I did not use heat in my hair to curl)

So although there were some cons, I would definitely try this product out again! Of course, I did forget to brush/comb in the color right after applying so that could have caused a lot of  the problems I faced.

What do you ladies and gents think? Would you give this product a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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