Beyonce’s New Political Song: Controversial? or a Hot Mess??


Beyonce has a new song that was just recently released according to the Rollingstone article “Watch Beyonce’s Surprise New Video Formation”

You can watch the Youtube Video Here:

When it comes to Bey, it is not a surprise to get a special track released at an unexpected time. Similar to the “Who Runs the World” track that Beyonce released some years back, this new track merges edgy beats and urban flair, with controversial topics that affect people of color, including Bey herself.

For example, one of the lyrics mentions the topic of Blue Ivy’s hair and having a “negro” nose. Bey also points out the problem of society down playing her success and hard work of all these years by saying she is a product of the “illuminati.”

However, some feel as though the message seems watered down as Bey displays an expensive gown and talks about strength coming from money. What do you think?

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