10 Essential Items Every Girl Should Have in her Bag

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With the coming of Fall brings hectic school schedules and work time stress. Sometimes you can run out of the house and forget things that you need in a crisis. Well have no fear! Here on the Urban Prestige blog we have compiled a list of 15 essential things that every fashionista should have in her bag. Get your check list ready!

LipΒ Moisturizer

The weather is getting colder and the need for your lips to stay hydrated is higher. Make sure to keep an extra tube of lip balm or lip gloss in your purse for those days you forget to apply some in the house. It’s also great to have when you need to moisturize your lips throughout the day.

Hand Cream

Cold winds blowing on your skin and washing your hands regularly will keep your skin and hands dry. Aim to keep a mini bottle of your favorite lotion in your bag so you can give your skin a quick moisture pick-me-up.

Hand Sanitizer

Sometime you will find situations where the bathroom has no soap, or you need to cleanse your hands after handling things that are dirty. Make sure to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer so you can quickly clean your hands of germs.

Hand Wipes/Tissues

Have you ever been in class and you have to blow your nose? Or you just finished eating in class and need to wipe your hands? If you answered yes to that then it would help you out to carry a small packet of hand wipes or tissues in your bag.Β Hand wipes are perfect when you need to quickly wipe your hands or face, and tissues are great to keep around for wiping up small spills or blowing your nose.

Simple Jewelry

Pack your favorite pair of simple earrings or necklace just in case you run out of time while you’re getting ready in the morning. You can find some awesome simple jewelry under $10 on our web boutique www.urbanprestigeclothing.com

Just In Case Makeup Kit

When you’re in a rush, there is no time to put on mascara or draw the perfect winged eyeliner. So make sure to have a mini tube of mascara, eye liner, simple lip gloss or lipstick, and pocket mirror to help with a quick make-up fix.

Mini Notebook

I like to keep a mini notebook in my purse and book bag just in case i need to write down something, so i won’t forget. Yes we have apps on our phones that allow you to take notes, but what happens when your battery dies? It also helps when you forget your main notebook at home and want to jot down some notes.


You can have a mini notebook without something to write with! i love buying colorful pens like pink, orange, teal, and purple to write in the color IΒ love that day. Its also great to have a back-up pen when you need to write something down in class!

Extra Bag

I’ve always been so lucky that my bag breaks at the worst moments. For example, I was running late for school and my purse got caught onto something and pulled off the handle. Luck for me I always carry a plastic shopping bag (like one gotten from clothing stores) that I could put my stuff into until i got home. Plastic bags are also great in case you need to put trash away or get motion sickness.

Portable Charger

It’s no secret that phone batteries don’t last all day and there are not outlets everywhere. So it is really helpful to carry around a portable charger. If you’re low on funds, just taking a wall charger should also help. You will, however, need to be on the lookout for charging stations or outlets!

What are your essential items that you always keep in your bag? Let me know in the comments below!

Blogger: Bryanna G.

Owner and model of Urban Prestige, an online boutique for the urban fashionista

Visit Urban Prestige! http://www.urbanprestigeclothing.com


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