3 Comfy Cardigan Outfits for the Fall

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Three Back To School Outfits For The Fall brought to you by Urban Prestige

The fall season is the perfect season to get stocked up on cardigans, especially when you have school. Cardigans are the perfect outfit compliment to a simple outfit. They can take your outfit from basic, to extravagant! In this post you will find 3 outfits featuring cardigans and accessories from Urban Prestige and consignment shops.

Outfit #1–Festival Love

This outfit features the Festival Love Printed Kimono from Urban Prestige. Complete with faux leather leggings, a white tank top, and teal fringe booties, this outfit is super fun and vibrant with rich colors.To add to the “festival” themed look, a gold goddess headband was on the crown, and a pearl gemstone watch and festival bracelet was worn.

outfit 1 pic 2 for ig

jewelry pic 1 for ig

Outfit #2 — Fall Sunset

Capturing the beautiful colors from a cool fall sunset, this cardigan paired nicely with this peach dress found at a consignment shop. The Fall Sunset Cardigan from Urban Prestige is knitted, so even when wearing a dress, it will still keep you warm. This outfit was very cute and playful so we had fun with the jewelry and shoes! Neutral oxfords from a consignment shop were worn, they are comfy especially for walking around school! The necklace from the Crystal Lace jewelry set was worn with the Triangle Bow Earrings, the Gold Shimmer watch and festival bracelet was also worn.

outfit 2 pic 1 for ig

jewelry pic for ig 3

Outfit #3–Ruby Red Luxe

So rich and vibrant, this Ruby Red Luxe cardigan from Urban Prestige added a luxurious feeling to this basic graphic tee and dark wash jeggings. It wasn’t hard to find jewelry to compliment the rich red color, both silver and gold worked well, however we settled with gold accents. So the Royal Beaded Necklace was worn with the Gold Triangle Bow earrings. The sunflower accented bohemian headband was worn around the ponytail and the Gold Shimmer Cuff watch with festival bracelet was also used.

outfit 3 pic for ig 1

jewelry pic for ig 2

Which outfit was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below! ❤ . Watch the official video to see the outfits in full action!


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