Solange Knowles New Empowering Sneaker Collection

word to the woman screenshot

Earlier this month the fashion world got news that Solange Knowles is preparing to release a collection of sneakers with an aim to empower women. According to the BET article “Solange Knowles Releases Word to the Woman Puma Collection , these shoes are her third collection with the Puma brand and are inspired by 14 leading women who are doing well in their fields.

We are a major fan of Solange and love how she puts a special touch on all of her work! Thanks to Complex Blog and the Huffington Post, we were able to find some photos of the awesome designs as well as the names of the women who inspired this collection. Each shoe features a bold color and pattern. Our favorites are the navy blue pair!

Pictures Gathered from the Word To The Woman Official Website ( and Compex Blog website (blog entry can be found here)

word to the woman screenshot on climax mag blog

Let us know in the comments bellow, Would you wear these Yay? or Nay?


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