How One Woman Turned Her Love Of Creativity Into A Successful Business

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Using the love of creativity and passion for designing soaps and beauty products, Chakarra W. begin her journey as a beauty product creator when she would make soaps with her great-grandmother. It was through these beautiful moments, of which she shared with her relative, that encourage her to pursue this passion as an entrepreneur. We have had the benefit of interviwing Chakarra W. and finding learning more about her company, Naturally Luxur.

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“Be Good, Smell Good, Feel Good”

1. Thank you so much for joining us at Urban Prestige. To start off our interview, lets get into when and why you started Naturally Luxur?

First, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to shine light on my business, It truly means the world to me. Naturally LuXur is the name of my business! After going the through MANY trial and error, we finally came up with this name. I started my business almost a year ago in October. Growing up I use to make soaps and such with my great-grandmother (Rest her soul). After she passed, I strayed away from it because my joy was gone. I couldn’t find a job and honestly it was weighting on my heart. One day, I was sitting alone and heard the Lord say “Do What You Love” then I had the urge to make some products…Let’s just say I rediscovered my “SPARK”!

2.  Naturally Luxur focuses a lot on providing unique Beauty Products, what encouraged you to make this your passion?

It’s always been my passion. I’m a creator. I’ve always loved art crafts and things of that nature. Like before, it drifted away but thank GOD he brought the joy for it back to me! 

3. Its nice to hear how that was able to drive your passion for creating these products! When showcasing your passion, what are the values that customers will be able to see in your products?

My HEART! My true love for making the products! I would love for them to feel that same joy I felt growing up.

4. Those are some awesome values that truly add character to your products! I’m sure that the love and joy put in the products really shine through (smile). For our fashion divas, what are some beauty tips that you can share?

My area is skincare! Water, Water WATER! I can’t stress that enough! LOL Drinking water is what keeps my complexion smooth and blemish free! 

5. I know that’s right! Water is essential for maintain beautiful skin. Now that we are nearing the end of our interview,  are there any events or specials that we can look out for from Naturally Luxur?

Well I have a “EVERYTHING MUST GO” sale going on as we speak. Also have some fabulous Fall items coming soon! I can’t wait!!!

To Find out more Information About Naturally Luxur. make sure to support and follow them on their social media and stay connected with their etsy shop!

Naturally LuXur

“Be Good, Smell Good, Feel Good”
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Instagram page IG: @QueenLuxur


2 thoughts on “How One Woman Turned Her Love Of Creativity Into A Successful Business

  1. I have my own small business which I specialize in handmake soaps and skincare products also fragrance.oils to have been in business for a year this past july but as of late business.has gotten kind of slow and just looking to get more exposure about my company out and really enjoyed this article about naturally lux thought it was a great piece would for someone to do a similar interview how did you go about writing about her well if you do need.any other interviews lease.think of me.


    1. Hi Camille! Thank you for reading this blog post and contacting us! We are always happy to meet and interact with new people especially business owners. If you would like to be featured on the Urban Prestige blog please contact us at We will then send you more information


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