5 Natural Oils with SPF Protection for Skin and Hair

Natural Oils with SPF

The summer time is around the corner. Short shorts, cute bikinis, caramel tans, and major sunburn! Yup, I said it Sunburn, a painful kiss that the sun gives your skin! Although it is not appealing to imagine something ruining your summer fun, sunburn is a major factor that could leave you sulking and staying indoors. Sunburn does not have to only appear in the summer time, you could also have sunburn during the winter or fall!

A quick fix is to purchase sunscreen, and this might be great for your skin, but would you slather sunscreen on your hair?? To combat this problem and to have options for both your skin and hair, I have provided a list of 14 natural oils you can use to protect you from the sun!

1. Red Raspberry Seed Oil

According to the blog post “Natural Oils as Sun Protection” Red raspberry seeds are full ofΒ omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids. They also have antioxidants and natural vitamin E which can be beneficial for the skin! Β Natural SPF Level of 28-50

2. Carrot Seed Oil

This oil is loaded with antioxidants and is also antifungal and antiseptic. Carrot seed oil needs to be applied to the skin with a carrier oil (like olive oil), so it wont be so harsh. Natural SPF Level of 38-40

3. Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil has rich levels of vitamins E,K, B and choline. It also acts as a moisturizer to skin tissues. This natural moisturizer protects the skin from free radicals (Definition:an uncharged molecule (typically highly reactive and short-lived) having an unpaired valence electron ~Bing Search) . Natural SPF Level of 28-50

4. Hemp Seed Oil

According to the same article mentioned above, Hemp Seed oil closely resembles the lipids of our body and is easily absorbed into the skin. Although the SPF rating is low, this oil helps to provide essential fatty and amino acids for the skin. Natural SPF Level of 6.

5. Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame Seed Oil has some vitamin E content, also known as Tocopherol. Tocopherol aids in eliminating free radicals leading to the protection from the Sun’s UV rays.

When creating your leave in conditioners or handmade lotions (or maybe just adding to the hair and body products you already have) Keep this list in mind so your hair and skin can be protected during these sunny days!

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“Natural Oils as Sun Protection by Hybrid Rasta Mama.” Hybrid Rasta Mama. N.p., 08 June 2012. Web. 08 June 2015.


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