Faux Locs Style For Prom

WP_20150423_006 (2)

Prom season is here! Are you looking for a hair style that is cute but also protective? Check out these Faux Locs styled by style editor Bryanna Greene in her recent post on Type 4 Afro. They canbe pulled into a high bun, an updo, or worn down for an edgy look.

Use 100% Acrylic to braid/twist into hair for added length, then use yarn to wrap around hair to create that “loc” look. Use lighter to burn ends, and seal style for longer wear. IF UNDER THE AGE OF 16, PLEASE SEEK PARENTAL GUIDANCE WHEN USING FIRE TO BURN ENDS. time 2 (black) and 1/16 (purple) skeins of Red Heart “soft” acrylic yarn were used to complete this style.

Difficulty Level: Hard

Total Time: 16 hours

Total Cost: $12

Beauty Level: 1000% ❀ ❀

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